Über leingrau

The label leingrau 
was founded in Berlin in 2014 by the designer Ilze Lebus. In her work she experiments with the versatility of material in terms of shapes, colors and structures. She designs and produces individual pieces and collections with clear recognition value.
The entire collection is made by hand in Germany. The beauty and uniqueness of leingrau products lies in its individual and skilfull manufacturing using various traditional textile techniques. Masterful craftsmanship, the finest materials and the aesthetics of lasting validity characterize the products from leingrau.

Tradition - neu definiert

We believe that traditional crafts are an important part of our culture and identity, as they connect us to our roots and allow us to preserve the history and traditions of our ancestors.

Natural fibres

We source our raw materials exclusively from direct suppliers in Germany and Europe. This gives us a high level of quality assurance and short delivery routes. We attach great importance to sustainability and environmental compatibility, which is why we ensure that our suppliers comply with environmentally friendly production processes and offer socially acceptable working conditions.


As a responsible company, we try to integrate the principles of the circular economy into the production process. All of our products are
100% recyclable. We strive to improve our production processes to continuously improve and make a positive contribution to the circular economy. We recognize that this is a long-term process, but we are committed to doing our part to reduce environmental impact and create a sustainable futur