The passion with which we create our products, reveals a beauty and splendor, which is seen and felt. Our handmade felt products are created using the perfect application of modernized traditional techniques. We make no compromises by using only the finest material. We create single pieces and collections, all of which have one thing in common. They are ultimately unique.

Home collection

Our home collection is made of high-quality linen and the finest merino wool. Each blanket is made by hand in Germany.
The beauty and uniqueness of our blankets lie in their individual and skillful production using various traditional textile techniques.


Acoustic images

Our acoustic pictures are unique pieces, handmade in Germany. Each picture is a unique work of art and is made with care and attention to detail. We attach great importance to quality and use only the finest natural materials. Through our production, we are able to make individual customisation and respond to specific customer requests. We improve the acoustics of the place and give it a touch of exclusivity.

Schal Frame - leingrau Schal Frame - leingrau

About leingrau

The label linen gray
was founded in Berlin in 2014 by the designer Ilze Lebus.
In her work she experiments with the versatility of
material in terms of shapes,
Colors and structures.
She designs and produces individual pieces and collections with clear recognition value.
The entire collection is made by hand in Germany.
The beauty and uniqueness of your products lies in its individual and
expert manufacturing using various traditional textile techniques.
Masterful craftsmanship, the finest materials and
The aesthetics of lasting validity characterize the products from leingrau.